Who we are & What we do

First off, thank you for contacting us for your custom needs. All our work is hand applied and detailed by my hands. So you are not buying some fancy print/lazer creation. You are buying a creation from human hands. I take great pride in creating all our customs. I for one am a huge fan of custom hand work. I love buying and supporting other creators who work with their hands for their products. It just adds a true feel to the word "Custom".

Each project is handled and inspected to the fullest extent. If I'm not happy with it I will let you know and send you a picture of the result or minor imperfection. Surprisingly in most cases most clients really love the imperfection. Imperfections are usually a bleed type of effect. Usually looking like a vein on the design. These instances are rare and add to an even more unique project, but I'll still let you be the judge of what you want. I just like to keep my clients updated with projects as they progress. No one likes surprises when they're something not expected.

Adam Breon