I had to incorporate this fee cost only because of people wasting my time.  I would put in the time with their request or requests only to never hear from them again.  I can't keep wasting time and energy on these kinds of customers.  I hope you understand.

This is a one time charge for that design/request.  Repeat orders from you with that image will not be charged the $25 start up fee.  If you have a different image then there might be another fee.

If you wish to proceed.  Shoot us an e-mail with your address and we'll get this invoice started for you and get you into our system.

This image is yours if you decide to go through our custom process. We do not sell/distribute our customer designs to anyone except the original customer.

Thank you again for your interst and we always look forward to working with new clients and buinesses.

Stay safe out there,
Adam Breon